We’re proud to be among the 10,000+ independent brands selling on Faire.com

Faire.com is a wholesale marketplace that makes it easy for local retailers to order and reorder products for their stores. You can look through all our wholesale products on our shop page, save items for later, and place orders whenever it is convenient for you. Our minimum order is still $200 and minimum quantities per item are still set at 2.

Why Faire.com? If you are new to the Faire.com platform you’ll receive $100 off your first order and free shipping on all orders you place with us for the next year. It’s free for you to join and eligible retailers can try our products with Net 60 terms. Orders must be placed through Faire.com.

From now until October 12, 2020, eligible retailers will have Net 60 terms extended to Net 90 terms to shop for this holiday season! Take advantage while you can. This offer is only available when you order through Faire.com.

Existing Faire.com customers are eligible for the extended terms but not the $100 credit and free shipping.
NET 90 TERMS EXPIRE ON 10/12/20.